Highly Innovative Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy

After the resounding success of the Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy at the PRP Injection center, we bring you the new, advanced form of the serum called Platelet Rich Fibrin or PRF treatment. It was first created in France with the intention of treating dental problems and any other illnesses or injuries in the neck, face, jaw, and head. Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy has been found to be highly effective in the healing of wounds and helping reduce swelling and pain.

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet Rich Fibrin is created out of your own blood. A small quantity is placed in an advanced centrifugal system that spins it at high speeds. As a result, the blood separates into three components that are clearly visible in the test tube. They are the plasma, red blood cells, and a highly concentrated layer of white blood cells and platelets that resembles a gel. Also called a buffy coat, this gel is rich in growth and healing factors. These compounds speed up healing, whether from injuries or surgical procedures.

What Makes Platelet Rich Fibrin Safe to Use

Similar to PRP therapy, the serum used in Platelet Rich Fibrin injections is also extracted from your blood. The innovative technology used to create this serum makes it possible to avoid the addition of any artificial additives like anticoagulants. The end result is a therapy that uses only the purest form of the fibrin and rich platelets. These compounds help in the quick healing of both soft and hard tissues. Since the healing process can be stimulated without the use of chemicals, medicines, or donor cells, you can rest assured that the treatment is absolutely safe.

Benefits of Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy

Platelet Rich Fibrin has many advantages in addition to its speedy healing effects. In fact, you can think of PRF as a framework on which tissues regenerate and repair themselves.

  • By using extracts from your own blood, doctors can reduce the possibility of any complications that can occur after a surgical procedure.
  • Because the tissues heal so quickly, you avoid the possibility of any infections in the area.
  • When used in dental implants, using PRF injections can ensure that the implants inserted into your gums take hold and heal perfectly.
  • In the case of patients that typically have trouble healing because of smoking, diabetes, and any other chronic conditions, using PRF therapy can ensure that healing takes place smoothly.
  • PRF treatments are typically more economical as compared to other kinds of healing supplements.
  • PRF injections are given to you with the minimum of handling right after they are created further reducing the possibility of contamination.
  • The PRF serum infused into the wound can attract stem cells. They further assist in its healing. Doctors can also use it to attract the specialized cells that stimulate the production of bone in the wound.

Aesthetic Uses of Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy

Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy has been widely and successfully used in the field of dentistry. However, doctors are increasingly exploring its many uses in other areas such as the healing of skin wounds with the minimal of scarring. It can also be used in plastic surgery to erase issues like crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes, and hollows under the eyes also called tear troughs. You can also opt for PRF injections to erase the lines between the eyes and give your skin a smooth, youthful appearance. If you’re looking for a safe and effective solution for the acne and box acne scars, PRF treatment that you can get at our PRP Injection clinic might be the perfect answer.

PRF injection therapy can help you in more ways than one. To know more about this amazing therapeutic procedure that can help heal injuries and rejuvenate your body and looks, visit or contact us at the PRP Injection medical facility. Our consultants will help you with all the information you need. 


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