PRP Injection Cost

Why suffer from chronic pain caused by tendon injuries, osteoarthritis, and other musculoskeletal conditions, when the PRP injection cost can reduce inflammation and chronic pain without expensive surgical procedures. Live pain free for less, today.


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Using Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


PRP Costs
Less Than Surgery

Compared to popular surgical methods of pain relief and joint rehabilitation, the PRP cost is significantly less. See why experts are turning to PRP Injection Therapy instead.


How Much Does
PRP Cost You?

If you’ve wondered how much does PRP cost, then you may be surprised at the comparison with other non-surgical procedures to repair muscular injuries which can be costly.


The Cost of
PRP Injection Delay

Does the cost of PRP injections prevent you from living the pain-free life you deserve? Don’t delay any longer. Treat tendonitis, osteoarthritis and more with PRP therapy today.


How Much is
PRP Treatment Worth?

If you suffer from muscular pain, osteoarthritis, or degenerative muscle disorders, then how much is PRP treatment worth to you? Make the investment, and live pain free.

Debunking the Myths Surrounding PRP Injection Cost

“How much does a PRP injection cost?” This may be the question you’ve been asking about PRP therapy. Or, it’s better to ask yourself what is the cost of not getting the latest non-surgical procedure. Innovative treatments that can help you repair muscle damage and other painful conditions such as tendonitis and osteoarthritis.

Surgical procedures often have long wait times, and drawn-out recovery periods. You may also notice a high rate of recurring visits to remedy ineffective surgery. That’s where PRP injections are different. PRP therapy uses platelets containing growth factor from your own plasma which has been concentrated to a potent level. And, can be administered through a simple injection procedure.

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But, be wary of cheap imitators of PRP injection treatments. Seek advice from an experienced orthopedic surgeon who knows the musculoskeletal system, and has experience operating on knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows regularly. You may also want to look for a practitioner who is trained in using diagnostic imaging devices to guide a needle with precision to your injury.

Compare the PRP Injection Cost to the Alternatives

PRP therapy is becoming ever more popular to repair damaged muscle injuries in the body. And, more people are realizing the benefit of PRP injection cost over conventional surgical procedures. But if you’re worried about the cost of this pain removal procedure, then consider the alternatives.

A better judgment of the PRP injection cost is to compare the expense to the ineffectiveness of conventional treatments. These options may include muscle repair surgery and procedures. Dennis Cardone is a doctor of osteopathic medicine at the Hospital for Joint Diseases at NYU. He says that the out of pocket cost of PRP injections may seem steep. But, it may, in fact, be much cheaper than you think. “A good general rule [for the cost of PRP injections] would probably be at least two to three months of other failing therapies.”

Surgeries like knee replacement, tendon repair surgery, and ineffective osteoarthritis treatments have limited effectiveness. You may also have to deal with high re-visit rates, and long recovery periods. The PRP injection cost is small in comparison to the ongoing costs of the alternatives.

You Can Get Insurance to Cover Some of the PRP Costs

Patients are often concerned that PRP injection costs are higher as compared to other treatments, especially since insurance plans don’t cover PRP.  Like the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons explain, that’s probably because PRP results vary from patient to patient depending on individual healing capabilities. 

However, insurance providers may cover some of the PRP therapy costs such as consultation fees, diagnostic tests, and other medical expenses. Request your medical practitioner to provide you an itemized bill. You can show this bill to the insurance agent and find out about the costs that the company may carry. In this way, you can lower some of the out-of-pocket charges you pay. 

Here are the Typical Charges for PRP Treatments

Typically, PRP treatment costs range from $400 to $1100, though the initial injection may be more expensive as compared to follow-up procedures. Given the comprehensive costs of medications, physical therapy, rehab, and day-to-day assistance you may need, PRP therapy is more economical and effective on a long-term basis. New developments in the field may allow doctors to perform PRP injections at costs lower than $100.

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PRP Injection Costs May Depend on the Specific Treatment

Are you wondering how much do PRP shots cost? PRP costs can vary according to the specific ailment for which you’re seeking treatment, individual practitioners and the particular state where you live. For instance, ABC News 7 reports from San Francisco that PRP hair treatments can cost you $900 for the first session with an entire package of 3 sessions costing $2,500. Here’s another example, The Washington Post reports that PRP injection knee costs can range from $500 to $1,200 per session. 

As mentioned earlier, the field of PRP is constantly evolving with researchers developing cheaper methods and kits that can create the serum at lower costs than before. You’ll find that PRP injection costs are within your reach with far more effective and long-lasting results as compared to conventional treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions About PRP Cost

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