PRP Costs – Are They Affordable?

PRP Costs affordable

Having read about the amazing success and rave reviews of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, your first reaction probably is to reach for your phone. You’ll want to search for information on PRP costs. To begin with, understand that the total cost of the treatments and medications you might take for a whole year for any ailment is likely to be higher as compared to the cost of a session of PRP. In addition, this therapy is likely to give you better and longer lasting results than any other procedure, or even surgery that you might opt for. The expenses you may have to incur to get PRP can depend on a number of factors.

Individual Practitioners Determine PRP Costs

Look for a practitioner who specializes in treating the condition you have. If you have osteoarthritis, you’ll need to look for an expert in joint pain. But, who is also trained to perform PRP therapy and has the mandatory licensing. Your practitioner might quote the PRP costs according to the kind of equipment he’ll use and the complexity of the procedure.

For instance, if you’re looking for therapy for acne scars, the PRP trained dermatologist might choose to administer the serum by using micro needling. To ensure that the PRP serum is placed with precision in the treatment site, doctors may choose to use diagnostic imaging. In case of treatment for the spine, the doctor might use fluoroscopy while PRP injections for the knee need the use of ultrasonic devices. The PRP costs will depend on the additional equipment doctors need to use to ensure effectiveness. In case they choose to outsource the formulation of the PRP serum to a specialist lab, your costs might vary accordingly.

Number of Sessions Can Determine PRP Costs

The particular medical or aesthetic condition for which you need PRP treatment can also affect the PRP costs. Many conditions such as signs of aging, acne scars, or osteoarthritis may need just one or two sessions. On the other hand, hair loss PRP treatments may need three to four sessions taken 4 weeks apart. The severity of the condition and your body’s regenerative abilities can also affect the number of injections needed. Some people have a higher concentration of platelets in their blood. They are likely to show significant results after only one or maybe, two sessions. If this is you, your PRP expense is likely to be lower. Further, if you discuss getting a package of multiple sessions, your doctor might offer you a more economical rate.

Location and City Can Determine Costs of PRP Treatment

Interestingly, PRP costs can also vary from city to city. Practitioners in New York charge around $1,000 for a single injection with subsequent treatments costing around $800. In Georgia, Atlanta, you can expect to pay $600 to $800 for the first session with the next injections costing around $500. Injections in Florida can range from $800 to $650. But, if you were to make inquiries in Cost Hartford in Connecticut, you might find that the cost is just $400 or $300 depending on the package you’ve signed up for. On an average, PRP treatments cost between $400 to $1100.

Are PRP Costs Covered by Insurance?

Although the FDA has approved Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Medicare does not cover the treatment. Insurance companies typically cover the high costs of surgery and other medications that doctors prescribe for ailments. However, they do not include PRP costs in the coverage. That’s because conventional medications and treatments have standard procedures and most of them show expected outcomes. On the other hand, PRP treatments are unique to each patient. Since the serum is created from blood, each patient might have variable counts of red blood cells, growth factors, platelets, and other components.

Not only does every patient respond differently to the treatment, but other factors can also affect the quality of the serum produced. These factors can include the speed of the centrifugation and the number of rotations. The additives used by the doctors to prevent clotting, enhance the healing abilities of the serum, and lower discomfort can all affect the end PRP serum.

Are PRP Costs Worth It?

Despite the out of pocket expenses of getting PRP treatment, you’ll find that the serum is so effective that it has helped people avoid the surgical options that doctors had prescribed. PRP provides you with immediate relief from pain and discomfort, long-term benefits, and improved quality of life. And, that makes PRP costs significantly lower than any other treatments available today.

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