PRP Injection Columbus

 The treatments at our PRP injection Columbus medical facility can help you with a wide range of medical and cosmetic issues thanks to the concentration of growth factors and other healing elements. Rely on PRP therapy to rejuvenate your looks and quality of life. 

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PRP Hair Treatment

Ideal for both men and women, PRP therapy can stop hair loss and promote the growth of new hair by stimulating the creation of blood vessels under the scalp with growth factors. Get back thick, lustrous hair and with it, your confidence.


PRP Facial

Erase the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and creases along with acne scars and marks. PRP therapy can induce the layer of collagen and elastin under the skin to regenerate giving you smooth, flawless, radiant skin.

Knee injection

PRP Knee Injection

PRP therapy can help you with the pain, inflammation, and difficulty in movement by repairing the torn cartilage and worn buffering agents in your joints. Allow the stem cells and growth factors of PRP to improve your quality of life.


PRP Injection Cost

PRP treatment costs you far less than the comprehensive costs of other medications and treatments that you might take for your medical issues in a whole year. You can also look forward to more effective and long-lasting results with PRP.

PRP Injection Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, the capital of Ohio is an ardent fan of football. And, thankfully, it is also the location for the PRP injection Columbus center. More than 90% of the people either play the game or wouldn’t miss it for anything. Visitors to the city are often surprised to find the streets turning into a ghost town during a home game. But, playing or training for football often involves strains and sprains. And, the best treatment to help athletes recover and get back in the game quickly is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.

Medical Spa

Why Choose Treatment at the PRP Injection Columbus Clinic

When athletes train or play sports, they develop micro tears in their muscles. As the body repairs the tissues, scars form in the injured area that may hamper complete healing. By injecting PRP serum into the tissues, doctors at the PRP injection Columbus medical facility provide the body with additional tools to heal. PRP can help in the repair of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even, bone. By setting off a cascade of healing components, PRP for sports injuries helps tissues regenerate quickly. Within a few weeks, athletes feel the pain easing and flexibility returning.

How PRP Therapy Works

Platelet Rich Plasma contains a concentration of platelets, growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, cytokines, and other healing elements. These natural compounds act like a framework for tissues to repair. In addition to stimulating healing, these elements can attract both soft and hard tissue forming cells to the treatment site. The procedures available at the PRP injection Columbus care center can help induce the layer of collagen and elastin under the skin to regenerate. They can also promote the regeneration of bone tissue, cartilage, and buffering agents that lubricate joints.

PRP Therapy Has Many Other Applications Also

Aside from helping athletes recover from injuries, PRP therapy for knee pain and osteoarthritis can help lower inflammation and pain levels. Back pain, tendonitis, arthritis, and other musculoskeletal issues also respond very well to the PRP injections at the Columbus medical clinic. You could consider getting PRP for hair loss and get back thick, lustrous hair while PRP for facials can help erase signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Try PRP therapy for acne scars and marks and restore the flawless perfection of your skin. Doctors may also choose to use PRP injections in dental care to help you recover quickly from tooth extractions and implants.

PRP Therapy is Absolutely Safe to Use

Doctors formulate the PRP serum from your blood by using centrifugation methods. They use only FDA-approved additives to stop coagulation or reduce discomfort. For this reason, there is a very rare possibility that PRP therapy can cause any side effects or allergic reactions. You might experience some amount of discomfort and swelling. But, these are minor after effects and settle within a day or two with over-the-counter medication.

While the results of the treatment can vary from patient to patient, any person can safely get therapy at the PRP injection Columbus medical center. For more information about this very innovative treatment, call or contact us at the PRP center nearest to you.

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