PRP Injection El Paso

Choose therapy at the PRP injection El Paso medical center and you can look forward to an improved quality of life, gorgeous skin, and a full head of hair. PRP can help you with a range of medical and aesthetic issues providing effective and long-lasting results. 

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PRP Hair Treatment

PRP therapy can nourish the scalp by creating new blood vessels to boost new follicles and blood supply rich in nutrients and oxygen. Reverse hair loss and gain a full head of hair and with it, your confidence.


PRP Facial

Doctors can administer the PRP serum using injections or micro needling techniques to restore the lost glow if your skin. Reverse signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles by regenerating the collagen in the skin.

Knee injection

PRP Knee Injection

PRP can give you relief from joint pain by targeting the cause of the discomfort and difficulty in movement. PRP can repair torn and eroded cartilage, heal damaged tendons and regenerate dead nerves.


PRP Injection Cost

Getting PRP therapy is far more economical as compared to the comprehensive costs of other forms of treatment including medications, physical therapy, surgery, rehab, and other post-op care.

PRP Injection El Paso, Texas

According to the 2017 rankings by Niche, El Paso, Texas scores No. 143 on the list of Best Cities to live in the U.S. It has also received a rating of “A” for weather and “B+” for health and fitness. Residents and visitors can avail of the extensive medical facilities available in the city. One of the leading health and beauty centers is the PRP injection El Paso clinic. These centers provide a range of invasive, non-invasive, and other forms of therapeutic care. The city also hosts a special center where homeless veterans can get the care they need.

Medical Spa

PRP Injection El Paso Medical Center – The One Stop Health Hub

Stop by at the PRP injection El Paso center for information about the innovative and highly effective Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. It will interest you to know that doctors create the PRP serum from your blood using a simple centrifugation method. This serum is a kind of elixir that can help you with a whole range of medical and cosmetic issues. Doctors use different PRP preparation techniques to create the serum in liquid or gel form according to the particular issue they’re looking to treat.

PRP Therapy Can Help Various Medical Issues

PRP therapy is a highly versatile treatment and doctors at the PRP injection El Paso facility are still exploring its many applications. For instance, you can get PRP injections for knee pain and repair the main issues that cause discomfort and difficulty in movement. These issues include torn and eroded cartilage and damaged tendons and nerves. You can also try PRP for medical problems that don’t have any existing cure like PRP treatments for cerebral palsy. Orthodontists use PRP injections in dental care to help with healing after procedures. And, PRP orthopedics speeds the healing of bones after fractures. Women have found that Platelet Rich Plasma for infertility treatments can help them have viable pregnancies and deliver healthy babies.

Help Cosmetic Issues with PRP Treatments

Opt for PRP facials and you can erase signs of aging like lines and wrinkles. And, restore the lost glow of your skin. If you’re dealing with other skin flaws, try PRP for acne marks or PRP therapy for injury scars. Within a few weeks after the treatment at the PRP injection El Paso medical clinic, you can expect to see smooth, flawless skin that is simply gorgeous. If you’ve been dealing with hair loss issues, consider getting PRP hair treatment. By getting the injections in your scalp, you can stimulate the growth of new hair and stop hair loss.

Doctors Combine PRP with Other Treatments

While PRP is no doubt effective by itself, medical practitioners combine it with other treatments to boost their therapeutic results. For instance, adding hyaluronic acid to PRP injections for joint pain. Or, using the micro needling technique to administer the PRP serum during facials and hair treatments. Keep in mind that the PRP practitioner treating you can advise best on the viability of the treatments. And, the correct method to use the serum for optimum results. 

If you would like to try PRP treatments for any medical or cosmetic issues, contact us at the PRP injection El Paso therapeutic center. Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions. Or, call this number: (888)-981-9516 for more information.

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