PRP Injection Louisville/Jefferson 

The treatments available at the PRP Injection Louisville/Jefferson medical facility can help you with various medical and aesthetic issues. Opt for this innovative therapy for flawless, glowing skin, a full head of hair, and an improved quality of life and wellness.

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PRP Hair Treatment

Ideal for both men and women, PRP therapy can stimulate the development of new blood vessels in the scalp to nourish it with oxygen and nutrients. Reverse hair loss and promote new growth. Get back a thick head of hair that has a richer coloring and texture.


PRP Facial

PRP can rejuvenate the layer of collagen and elastin in the skin so that the signs of aging are erased. Also, opt for PRP to remove skin flaws like acne marks, injury scars, and stretch marks for gorgeous, glowing skin that belies your age and restores confidence.

Knee injection

PRP Knee Injection

PRP therapy can repair the torn cartilage and worn out synovial fluids in your joints. Get relief from the pain and difficulty of movement with a treatment that can cure the main causes of joint pain by repairing damaged tendons and nerves. Turn life around with PRP.


PRP Injection Cost

The comprehensive costs of other treatments like medication, physical therapy, surgery, and rehab that you might get for an entire year work out far more expensive than the costs of PRP. Look forward to effective, long-lasting results with PRP therapy.

PRP Injection Louisville/Jefferson

Louisville/Jefferson in Kentucky is an upcoming name as one of the major locations for medical care and specialized research facilities. A while back, the city came into focus when a rehab and health sciences research facility worth $88 million opened its doors here. Yet another advanced healing modality attracting global interest is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy now available at the PRP injection Louisville/Jefferson center. As a resident or visitor in the city, you must take the time to stop by at the center. Here, you’ll find out about the various medical and aesthetic issues the therapy can heal.

Medical Spa

What Exactly is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?

PRP therapy works on the principle that your body has all the necessary elements it needs for healing your tissues. Accordingly, doctors at the PRP injection Louisville/Jefferson facility use a sample of your blood to create a healing serum. This serum contains a concentration of mesenchymal stem cells, cytokines, growth factors, platelets, and other cells. Together, these cells signal the body that the treatment area needs healing. Over the next few weeks, the cells work to regenerate and repair damaged soft and hard tissues to promote healing so your symptoms are alleviated.

Getting Treatment at the PRP injection Louisville/Jefferson Clinic

When you arrive at the PRP injection Louisville/Jefferson medical center, the doctors will spend time explaining the procedure to you. A simple 60 to 90-minute process, PRP therapy can help you with cosmetic issues like Kim Kardashian’s Vampire Facelifts aka PRP facials. You can also get PRP hair treatments for reversing hair loss or PRP for acne scars for smooth, flawless skin. Also, consider getting PRP injections for joint pain for less discomfort and improved mobility. PRP in dental care can speed the healing after procedures while PRP orthopedics can repair fractures more efficiently.

PRP – One of the Safest and Most Effective Treatments Available Today

Perhaps, the most interesting factor about PRP is that the treatment is absolutely safe. It has a rare chance of side effects or adverse reactions. Any person, young or old can get the therapy with highly effective results.

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