PRP Injection Mission Viejo

The PRP injection Mission Viejo medical facility offers you effective treatments for a wide range of medical and aesthetic issues. Use the stem cells and growth factors of the PRP serum to improve your skin and quality of life. Look fabulous and feel wonderful with PRP.

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PRP Hair Treatment

PRP injections can stop hair loss by nourishing the roots and stimulating the growth of new hair. Effective for both men and women, PRP can restore a full head of hair and with it, your confidence.


PRP Facial

Erase the signs of aging by using PRP treatments to rejuvenate the layer of collagen and elastin under the skin. You can also use PRP to remove acne scars and injury marks for smooth, glowing skin.

Knee injection

PRP Knee Injection

Improve your quality of life by easing the pain and inflammation in your joints resulting from arthritis. PRP can repair the torn collagen and buffering agents for better movement and almost no pain.


PRP Injection Cost

PRP injections cost far less in an entire year as compared to the comprehensive expense of the medications and treatments you might have to take. Choose PRP for effective, long-lasting results.

PRP Injection Mission Viejo, California

A beautifully planned, lakeside town in Orange County in California, Mission Viejo has a pleasant ambience with wonderful weather. Called “Paradise” by its residents, the town is home to Saddleback College and Capistrano Unified. Both these institutions are highly-rated school districts. The city also boasts of the Mission Hospital known for excellent healthcare. In addition, you’ll find the PRP injection Mission Viejo medical center.  This facility offers effective treatments for a wide range of aesthetic and health issues.

Medical Spa

Choose Treatments at the PRP Injection Mission Viejo Center

At the PRP injection Mission Viejo medical clinic, you’ll learn about a highly advanced healing method. A team of French doctors first developed PRP in the 1970s. Although they first developed it as PRP for dental care, you can now get PRP facials. These treatments can erase the signs of aging and other skin flaws like acne scars and injury marks. Try PRP for hair loss and it can not only strengthen the hair at the roots but also stimulate the growth of new hair. PRP for knee pain can help you with the joint inflammation and pain resulting from arthritis. In addition, newer studies have shown that PRP for infertility can help women have healthy babies.

PRP Therapy is Very Effective

Doctors at the PRP injection Mission Viejo healthcare center create a serum using the blood of each individual patient. This serum contains a concentration of growth factors, cytokines, platelets, and mesenchymal stem cells. All of the elements are essential for the regeneration of tissues, cartilage, and bone. PRP serum, when placed in the treatment area, builds a framework for tissues to repair. It also attracts other tissue-forming cells to the site. In this way, it effectively signals the body that the affected area needs healing.

PRP Treatments are Safe to Use

Medical practitioners at the PRP injection Mission Viejo clinic extract the serum from blood using centrifugal procedures. This PRP preparation process works to separate the components of the blood without changing its composition in any way. The only additives used are FDA-approved. They prevent the clotting of the blood until doctors are ready to administer it by way of injection. The PRP serum is a part of your body tissues. For this reason, it is not likely to cause any adverse reactions or allergies. You can also rest assured that the most sterile conditions are maintained when creating and injecting the serum. In this way, doctors avoid any possibility of infections.

Getting the PRP Therapy

To get PRP therapy, you must contact a specialist for your medical or cosmetic issues that has also attained certification to perform the treatment. For instance, check with your skin specialist for certification in PRP procedures. If she has the training, she can help you with acne and other skin flaws using PRP. Similarly, a dentist trained in PRP can add the serum during procedures. Thus, PRP can speed up the healing after a tooth extraction or root canal.

When you’re ready to take a break from shopping in the many malls around the scenic lake or fishing for seasonal bass or trout, stop by at the PRP injection Mission Viejo clinic. Spend some time talking with our expert consultants. They’ll welcome your questions on everything you need to know about the treatment.

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