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PRP Injection for Hair Loss Side Effects

The problem with hair loss is actually more common than you think. And, the industry that is working hard to find solutions to the problem is even bigger. According to estimates by Statista, the global hair loss treatment industry was worth $2 billion by the end of the year 2017. PRP therapy is only one of the fast upcoming treatments that has shown promising results. However, the difference between this modality and the various others out there is that PRP injection for hair loss side effects are almost nonexistent. But, the same cannot be said about the other lotions, shampoos, and medications available today.

Should you sign up for PRP hair treatments, you will learn that the serum used to help you is autologous. In other words, doctors use your blood to create the injectable medicine. And, since you’re using your own tissues, there is a rare chance of side effects or adverse effects. PRP therapy simply taps into the healing powers of your body and stimulates the hair follicles to grow more hair.

Minor and Easily Manageable PRP Injection Reactions

Does that mean that PRP injection is 100% safe all of the time?

Given that your body is not likely to reject its own tissues, it would be safe to say that PRP treatment has no side effects. But, you may experience some minor during and after effects.

  • Expect some amount of pain at the site where the sample of blood is harvested and at the treatment site. You can also expect that the soreness will last for a couple of days. To help you, the trichologist might suggest that you take some basic pain medication.
  • You may feel some pain during the procedure. But, before administering the PRP injection, your doctor may apply some topical ointments to numb the pain from the shots. And, since the injection goes only 1mm to 1.5mm into the scalp, you’re not likely to experience much discomfort.
  • A little redness at the injection site is also common. Again, the effects should settle within a day or two. You can apply ice to help but remember that the redness and any inflammation you see is a sign that the treatment is working like it should. Staying out of the sun and wearing a hat are common recommendations.

4 PRP Injection For Hair Loss Side Effects You Didn’t Know

Aside from the common side effects, you may notice some of these reactions that other factors can cause.

  1. Some patients have talked about how they developed infections as one of the PRP injection for hair loss side effects. This possibility only occurs when the lab technicians have not observed all the mandatory regulations when preparing and administering the serum. For this reason, it is advisable that you work with a certified, experienced practitioner who will maintain absolutely sterile conditions in the lab.
  2. Patients are often concerned about allergic reactions from additives that doctors may use such as anti-clotting agents. However, a licensed practitioner will likely use NCBI-recommended epinephrine that also acts as an anti-allergy medicine.
  3. Adverse effects may be possible in case you don’t meet the criteria for being the ideal candidate for PRP therapy. Before signing you up for the treatment, the doctor will ask you a series of questions and run a few tests. Make sure to let your doctor know of any medical conditions you have because of which you cannot get the treatment.
  4. To avoid the possibility of PRP injection for hair loss side effects, you may also want to follow your doctor’s instructions. Take care to understand the pre and post-procedural steps you must take like avoiding certain medications, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

Is PRP Effective for Hair Loss?

Doctors at the National Center for Biotechnology Information have conducted extensive tests to check if PRP therapy for hair loss is actually effective. They based their research results on specific criteria like:

  • The hair pull test where doctors tugged hard at a lock of hair to see how many detach from the scalp
  • The hair count test where doctors counted the number of hair follicles in a specific section of the scalp
  • Pictures of the scalp taken before and after PRP treatment
  • Talking to the patients to assess their satisfaction from the treatment

Here are the results of the PRP hair loss treatments at the end of 12 weeks:

  • Before the treatment, the hair pull test yielded an average of 10 strands. But, after the treatment, the number of loose strands ranged from 0 to 3.
  • Before the treatment, the patients had an average of 71 follicles in the tested square centimeter area. But, after the treatment, this figure rose to close to 94 follicles.
  • Pictures of the scalp taken from all angles showed a significant reduction in the bald patches and better hair coverage.
  • Patient satisfaction from the treatment rated at 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. They also noted that the new hair was thicker, shinier, and had a denser coloring all of which are signs of a well-nourished scalp.

How Long does PRP Take to Work for Hair Loss

Not only are there no PRP injection for hair loss side effects, but the results are long-lasting. In addition, since the treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing, it works gradually. You can expect to see new growth at 4 to 6 weeks from the first injection. That’s because hair grows naturally at the rate of an inch each month. Further, this rate is also determined by genetic factors. All the same, you will notice that the hair is growing faster than it would have without the treatment. Your trichologist will likely ask you to come in for a complete program comprising of up to 6 sessions spaced at 4-week intervals with a booster shot at 12 months to maintain the positive results.

How to Avoid Any PRP Hair Restoration Side Effects

The best way to avoid any PRP injection for hair loss side effects is to follow the instructions of your medical practitioner carefully. You will likely receive a list of do’s and don’ts for before and after the procedure. Also, make sure to keep up with your appointments where the doctor will examine you for progress. Above all, be upfront about any health issues you have that can interfere with the results of your hair treatment.

Would you like more information about how the PRP therapy progresses? Would you like to know more about the side effects to expect? Or, maybe, you need to know about the other medical and aesthetic issues for which you can get the procedure? Contact us or call us at this number: (888) 981-9516. Our consultants are standing by to answer your queries.

Have you tried PRP before for hair loss? Did the treatment work as you expected? Are you happy with the results? Would you like to share your experiences with other readers? Please use the comment box below.



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